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Say Goodbye to Magazine Wobble

By August 27, 2015Accessories


M+M, Inc. Magazine Release Lever (Patent Pending) Packaging for AK Rifles

M+M, Inc. Magazine Release Lever (Patent Pending) Packaging for AK Rifles

Most of the buzz around M+M these days is to do with the new rifle, the M10X. And for good reason: We’ve made a LOT of improvements on the older design the M10 was based on. But once in a while, it’s a positive thing to stop gazing at the forest and take a good, hard look at just one individual tree, or you’re going to miss something.

Case in point: The new Magazine Release Lever I designed for the M10X.

While designing the new rifle, conversations I had with enthusiasts like you would often include problems with getting a secure fit of the magazine when we got around to the topic of magazines, mag well fit, cyclic reliability and such. The recent survey (see results below) of our follower’s on Facebook further verifies what I had previously heard. It can be a problem.

I can already hear it… somewhere, someone is reading this right now, and saying, “Are you kidding me? This is about the mag release? Isn’t there anything else, you know, something… more important about the new rifle that we ought to be talking about?”

If that’s you, I have just two words to say: “magazine wobble.” It matters, and it’s not just about preventing the problem in our new rifle. This also applies—even more so—to old AK-47 rifles. Anybody’s old AK rifle. Anybody’s NEW AK rifle, for that matter. The fact is, with AK-style rifles, magazine wobble is an issue.

 So, it turns out that magazine release mechanisms are like feet: for most of us, they aren’t sexy, and nobody is really judging you by your feet. The closest they might come is in looking at your dance moves, or checking your form as you run a charity 5K, or something. And it’s not the feet they are looking at, but just the effect good or bad feet can have, right?

And that’s the same as the relationship between the magazine release lever and magazine wobble, because the true, first purpose of the magazine release lever on an AK is not “releasing” the magazine. The first purpose for that part is retaining the magazine. In fact, it should have been called the “magazine catch,” instead of the “magazine release,” because AK rifles have always been made to rather loose specifications. The old Soviet priority wasn’t about magazine fit and finish, it was about making every magazine mount on every rifle, and if there was some slop and play, at least the thing would fit. So long as the rifle functioned, nobody cared about the esthetics of the design.

That has changed, though. Now days, there are dozens of folks making AK rifles, and dozens more making AK magazines. Now it’s gotten to the point that the variation between rifles and magazines is enough so when there’s a failure to cycle, one of the first things to look at is magazine wobble. That’s a far cry from where things were when the Soviets and the Chinese were making all the magazines for their own rifles. Ammo issues might be the only factor slightly more likely to account for a failure to cycle problem in a given rifle that usually functions well.

Enter the M+M Magazine Release Lever Kit.

Yes, the new rifle comes with this part, standard, but it’s also available for ANY AK-pattern rifle, because they ALL tend to have this problem.

The new Magazine Release Lever (patents pending) was designed to address the problem of magazine wobble. It took a little figuring out, but here’s what it comes down to: AK magazines tend to have a significant degree of variation in where their specifications, and most specifically, in where the retention stud sits on the outside of the magazine case. AK rifles have, up until now, had to compromise on where the magazine release lever engaged the magazine to retain it in the magazine well. And that means that some are a good fit, and some aren’t.

M+M, Inc. Magazine Release Lever (Patent Pending) Kit Installed on AK Type Rifle

M+M, Inc. Magazine Release Lever (Patent Pending) Kit Installed on AK Type Rifle

But the M+M Magazine Release Lever works by using a self-adjusting variable length dimension. It engages magazines appropriately if the retaining stud is a little higher or a little lower than average, adjusting to each one, and locking it into place. It’s a simple design that works wonders. In fact, it’s SO simple, we included a short video on the web page which explains exactly how this is accomplished, because on one would believe it otherwise. And yeah, of course, we patented it first, so you can’t get that design anywhere else, and then put it in a do-it-yourself kit, made to fit any AK-style rifle. Check it out, and say goodbye to magazine wobble, and hello to even greater cyclic reliability in your old AK-style rifle. We think you will like it. Check it out at: http://mm-industries.com/magazine-release-lever-kit-mrl/

A world without mag wobble! That’s something we would all enjoy. Thanks again for reading and to those who responded to our survey.

Results of Our “Magazine Matters” Survey

Thanks to all our followers for responding to our recent survey on magazine matters. Our followers indicated that they overwhelmingly prefer foreign (86%) over domestic (14%) magazines. Magazine brand variety is embraced as evidenced that 38% use 1 to 2 different brands, 35% 3 to 4 and 27% more than four different brands of magazines with their AK. Only 27% of respondents make magazine purchases more than three times a year, with the majority (73%) buying mags once or twice year.

The market place offers a wide variety of magazines for us to choose from, providing lots of choices. However, this plethora of choices also means that getting a “good fit” of your selected mag in the mag well is important to enthusiasts. Eighty-six percent of you agreed that a “good fit” of your magazine into the mag well enhances your shooting experience and over 55% of you have had a problem with different magazines fitting securely into your AK mag well.

Foreign vs. DomesticGood Fit of Mag Enhance Shooting ExperienceNumber of Mag Purchases Per YearBrands of Magazines Used with AKEver Experienced Problems with Mag Fit

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