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  • M10X™

    Chaos Muzzle Break

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    M+M’s Muzzle Brake is an effective add-on that vents gasses in a 360-degree radius. This not only reduces felt recoil—but also helps to minimize muzzle climb during rapid fire. The M+M Muzzle Brake features 8 ports and 4 prongs with a 14×1 LH thread.

  • M-M-MRL-KIT-492x300
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    Magazine Release Lever Kit

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    This is a significant upgrade for AK rifles of all varieties. Utilizing a proprietary design, it secures any AK-spec magazine more securely, and without problems such as wearing grooves in synthetic magazine lugs, which can result in snags when changing magazines. The kit allows most users to install this new Magazine Release with minimal tools.

  • Quad Rail Packaged for AK Rifles

    Quad Rail

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    The M+M Quad Rail replaces the front hand guard on AKM rifles, providing a picatenny rail on four sides for mounting optics, lights, laser, or other accessories. This all-aluminum, durable and lightweight product is easy to install, fully anodized, and adds a modern, tactical look to any AKM rifle.

  • AK 47 Trigger group

    Trigger Group

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    Made from 4140 steel and finished with black nitride, this drop-in trigger group includes: Trigger, Hammer, Disconnector, Disconnector Spring, and Trigger Sleeve. It fits factory holes to mount into your receiver without modification, and will improve trigger pull while reducing “trigger slap” as compared to a factory trigger. Designed to high standards, the M+M trigger additionally provides three supporting pieces for 922r US compliance requirements (trigger, hammer and sear). 

  • 40 Round Bulgarian Polymer Magazine

    40 Round Polymer Magazine

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    This Bulgarian-made, polymer, 40-round magazine for 7.62X39, exceeds military specs for the standard 40-round, polymer magazines.

    With an anti-tilt magazine follower, metal floor plate, and steel reinforced feed lips, this magazine increases capacity by one-third while matching the legendary reliability of the rifles it is matched up with.